Simple Makeup Tips – Don’t skip hydration this fall

I’ll be quite honest, there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing “back to school” ads everywhere you look.

Nobody wants to think about spending their money on school supplies, especially while not even being in school yet.

It’s not an appealing thought.

But, if you happen to be looking for something that makes you feel appealing, then you’re in the right place.

This isn’t just about going back to school, this is about going back to fall. These simple makeup tips will help you enter the new crazy autumn weather with ease.

Hydration is batting its lashes at you.

simple makeup tips

You’re probably going to hear a lot of talk about hydration in every form possible in the fall. It’s pretty important if you live in a certain part of the world where the climate shifts incredibly during a change of season.

Your skin, hair, nails, and body itself goes through changes. Some bad changes, and some not so bad.

Your lashes on the other hand, are something not talked about enough when it comes to keeping up with hydration into your makeup routine.

Even if you don’t have a solid makeup routine, that’s totally fine. But keeping your lashes well moisturized does matter!

If your eyelashes aren’t properly hydrated, fall out is commonly a result which leads to a lot of people getting lash extensions and falsies (I’m a prime example) which can be pretty hefty on your bank account.

A lot mascaras don’t promote hydration, but luckily Milk Makeup uses plant-derived oil in their insanely above-average mascara formula (called KUSH High Volume Mascara), coating each individual lash with hydration but without?the look of clumpy lashes. I’m also a victim of that too.

So when I had the travel sized version?of this mascara, it was gone within two and a half weeks. I used it nearly every day. No clumps, non plastic and attractive packaging, and serves you a thick & high volume look.

What more can you ask for?

Your morning coffee with a side of de-puff..

simple makeup tips

My morning routine consists of freshly brewed coffee and?a lot of concealer to hide my dark circles. But what I always lack is the means to de-puff my dark under-eye bags.

I feel like this is such?a morning essential, especially with the cold making under-eye bags even worse when you have somewhere to be really early? Yikes.

Milk Makeup produces the best instant under-eye-de-puffer in the makeup game.

It’s called the Cooling Water stick and it can be used all over the face, but obviously promoted for under the eyes.

The caffeine infused stick works as a de-puffing agent with the help of natural seawater that’s used to calm annoyed skin. This product also holds a gel formula that gives you all day hydration, so you could also use this as your AM moisturizer.

This sounds more like tradition than an essential.

In dire need of a soft finish?

simple makeup tips

Sometimes in the morning before applying lip gloss or lipstick, I’ll rub Vaseline or any kind of lip balm to ease my crusty morning lips (…ew).

But I find it doesn’t do the trick in time before leaving the door, as it isn’t really ever an instant fix.

The KUSH Lip Glaze by Milk Makeup really helps with this issue, all while giving you a light peppermint scent and giving you all day freshness.

It acts quick to deliver you the softest finish your precious life deserves. This is all due to mango, cocoa, and shea butters built into the product. 🙂

The new ‘Back 2 School’ set.

My advice to you for the new fall season is to implement hydration into your daily morning routine. No one can argue that hydration is the #1 key to improving all things internally and externally.?

Milk Makeup put together a Back 2 School set incorporating all of the products listed above at a really good price!

You can purchase it?here.?


You can purchase all of the individual products here:

KUSH High Volume Mascara

Cooling Water

KUSH Lip Glaze

I hope these few simple makeup tips helped you in any sort of way!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave one down below 🙂




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