Simple Makeup Hacks – #8 Useful tips you should know!

Okay so short disclaimer:?Most of these tips I’m about to mention were inspired by Huda Beauty. I really do use these simple makeup hacks every day and I can rest assured, they work.

Your face will look snatched.

You won’t need a snapchat filter.

And you can thank me later.

Tip #1: Primer.

I talked about how some of us don’t see a need in wearing primer in my earlier post about foundation. But if you’re a sucker for it, do NOT use your fingers or a beauty sponge for application.

Use a brush instead. 🙂

Doing so will result in not just better application of the product, but much better absorption. You really want your primer to seap into the skin so your foundation will reach its full coverage potential and look airbrushed.

Have you tried using the Maybelline Face Studio Master Primer? It’s super affordable and really does the job! You can purchase it?here.


Tip #2: Double primer.

Wait….is that really necessary?

Hear me out.

Adding a tinted moisturizer or illuminating pigment (almost the same) after applying primer will help make your skin appear naturally glowly.

When applying this, a little goes a long way. (Consider applying this product with a brush and buffing upwards instead of downwards). It definitely looks ridiculous after applying, but once foundation overtakes, you’ll see what I mean when I say; your face will pop naturally. We love a good pop.



Tip #3: Foundation (liquid) & concealer.

simple makeup hacks

So this particular method really only works when using liquid foundation. I call it the AB pattern. First, you go in using a beauty sponge to pat your foundation on. (Patting works best as it leaves no streaks).

Then using a small flat brush, you apply concealer where you want. It’s also ideal to get your nose contour out of the way during this step as well. We want those sharp consistent lines!

Going back to using a beauty sponge, blend the concealer out. The bouncy texture will really combine the two products and create a really smooth, non-textured look.

My favourite beauty sponge is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. You can purchase it here.?

It’s way cheaper than the Beauty Blender and works just as good in my opinion.?

Tip #4: Contour……but like, everywhere.

Okay so this is the part that really brings your makeup together even though you’re only half-way through finishing it. If we’re out here really caking our face, chances are we want to look like we have a permanent snapchat filter on……a really cute one though.

Instead of putting contour underneath your cheekbones like every other makeup tutorial will tell you, apply it directly on your cheekbones. Sounds like it wouldn’t make a difference, but trust me on this one. You want that snatched face, right?

Make sure when you’re contouring your jawline, you apply it on the side of your jawline, as well as underneath it.








I mean, duh. Of course, you’re going to blend it out. But you really have to work that pressure in.

I can’t tell you how many times my naive self used to walk out the house looking like a George Foreman grill with lines all over my face from not applying enough pressure while buffing everything out. I do recommend you use a brush for this part instead of a beauty sponge.

Ah ha haa.


My favourite contouring kit is the cream contour kit by Anastsia Beverly Hills in ‘Light’. The cheapest way to purchase it is here.

Tip #5: Baking.

I was a late bloomer when it came to baking. I didn’t see the use in it and it just seemed like a scam of a beauty method. But once I found the right setting powder I was hooked.

When baking your face, make sure your beauty sponge is damp but not dripping of any water. You want to ring that thing out. This is strongly advised because the setting powder will stick to your skin and it won’t leave the kind of finish you want.

If your sponge has excess powder on it, go ahead and stamp some on top of your contour to give it a more airbrush look.

Tip #6: Highlight.

This tip will take a swing on your usual highlighting routine.

Or maybe it won’t because you already do this BUT…

If you got a setting spray handy, coat your beauty sponge in it and dab it into a cream based highlighter. (Cream works better for this method. If it’s a loose powder or solid powder it won’t have the same effect). Blot onto your desired highlighting spots and boom.


*hot girl summer has now entered the chat*.

Tip #7: Bronzer.

simple makeup hacks

So this might also be a familiar tip to you, or it may not be.

Going over your contour with a bronzer can be substantial to your makeup routine. After already applying your initial contour, you have all these thin layers of makeup surrounding it and over top of it. (Mostly referring to possible highlighter and setting powder).

Think?of the first layer of contour like a base. Bronzer is the second phase.

When using bronzer, let it sit before really buffing it out. I used to just apply it in a buffing motion and that was that. But I recently started building my bronzer by patting it on my cheekbones and the sides of my forehead and waiting a couple minutes before blending it in. 😉

Tip #8: Brows.

Out of anything that simple makeup hacks could offer you, this is my favourite tip.

I always tend to do my brows after my face makeup is applied, but before my eye makeup. After I’m done with my brows, I set them.

I begin with a small flat shading brush and dip into setting powder and blot. I start with the front part of my brows, using most of the setting powder compared to the rest of my brows.

This look is ideal because it has a really nice ombre effect and makes them look natural. I love it.

I do find this works for me and anyone who uses a dark shade of brow pomade. I like using the shade ‘medium brown’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

You can browse through all the different shades here.

I highly, highly recommend this product! I’ve been re purchasing it for the last 4’ish years and I’ll always stand by it.

If you don’t use pomade and you’re on more of a brow stick vibe, this setting trick can still apply to you.

La fin.

I hope you enjoyed these simple makeup hacks and if you happen to try them, let me know how they turned out and if you saw a difference. 🙂




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  1. I really enjoyed reading Simple Makeup Hacks-#8 Useful Tips You Should Know! I really laughed at the sentence “looking like a George Foreman grill”. Tell me though what’s a snapchat?

    1. Hahah that’s truly how I felt.

      Thank you so much!

      Snapchat is another social media app where you can send people pictures with a time stamp!

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