Makeup Hacks For Beginners – A few small tips to get you by!

A lot of these tips are probably things you’re already doing.

Or maybe you heard of some of these terms and never tried them out.

Either way, I really hope these tiny makeup hacks can make a drastic difference for you.


To tightline your eyes means applying eyeliner on your top waterline with a pencil liner.

Some things to remember about tightlinging:

  • It isn’t painful:?It looks painful, but surely isn’t all that bad! Curling your lashes and applying liner anywhere on your waterline are the top two painful looking acts in makeup, but it’s not as crazy as it seems.
  • Apply it close to the roots: You want to make sure you’re applying your liner as close to the roots of your lashes as possible and not as close to your actual eyeball. This is partly for your safety….lol.
  • Curl them lashes:?Curling your lashes isn’t a must but I mean, if you really want this tip to have a full effect on your makeup game, I would suggest this.
  • Waterproof liner:?This almost goes without saying. Waterproof eyeliner is a must if you want tightlining to last all day.

The point of tightlining your eyes is so your mascara and eyeliner (above the lash line) will look darker and fuller. Especially when you have applied false lashes afterwards, it’ll make it so your real lashes appear more blended together with your false lashes.

This goes for every single one of you with lash extensions. Your lashes are always full, so why not enhance that even more? It’s simple and quick and definitely makes an impact!

White eyeliner

White liner is the best for making your eyes pop.

When you apply this on your bottom lash line, it blends in with your?sclera (white part of your eye) making your eyes appear wider.

When purchasing white eyeliner, make sure it’s waterproof. The bottom lash line is a lot more wet compared to the top.

Using this method is great for both simple and bold looks. I definitely recommed using white eyeliner when you’re going for a cat eye too.

Accent lashes

Recently, I realized with false lashes, less is more. Which is quite ironic considering falsies are used to make your eye makeup look more enhanced.

Currently, I’m in love with smaller accent lashes like Huda Beauty’s falsies in ‘Camille #16’.

makeup hacks for beginners

They look a little awkward in the packaging because of the short length, but that’s the beauty behind accent lashes; they’re purpose is to accentuate the end part of your lashes.

makeup hacks for beginners

Another thing I like is that they emphasize “Eazy Lash” for a reason.

Since they’re shorter in length, they’re pretty effortless to apply. They’re meant to blend in with the rest of your natural lashes which ultimately creates a natural yet dramatic look, without over-stepping any?bold?boundaries.

makeup hacks for beginners

I definitely recommend these lashes if you’re thinking about purchasing false lashes but aren’t to sure what style to go with.

makeup hacks for beginners

If you’re thinking about going in the direction of Huda Beauty, these are also the cheapest lashes to go with.

If you’re looking for more tiny makeup hacks for beginners..

I suggest you read more here.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope this helps!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down below!



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