How To Find Your Foundation Shade

I don?t know about you, but finding my actual foundation shade was the biggest mystery to me for quite some time.

Making something out something

Seeking advice from beauty consultants, I?ve gotten the classic, ?use your neck as an indicator for your foundation colour match?.

This isn?t exactly wrong advise.

But after years of using this trick, I found it doesn?t always deliver the most positive results. This might sound silly, but your neck doesn?t always get the most sun. Your chin can cast shadows depending on the angle of when you face the sun so in most cases, your neck could be a lot lighter than the rest of your body, including your face especially.

That being said, I?ve definitely picked out the wrong shade of foundation a few times using this method.

I hope this blog post finds you greatly with my small gift of advice on how to find your foundation shade!


First things first, knowing your undertone is pretty important in this predicament. The definition of an undertone in this setting is simply the colour that lies underneath the skin that reflects your overall hue.


Warm undertones are often referred to as yellow?ish, peachy, olive, and golden.


Cool undertones are thought of as blue, red, and pink.


Neutral meaning the combination of both cool and warm undertones!

Figuring out your own undertone

If you take a thorough look at your wrist and make out the colour of your veins, you?ve successfully figured out your undertone.

Are they more blue than green? Or more green than blue?

If they?re blue, you?re cool toned.

If they?re green, you?ve got a warm tone.

Another good indicator of figuring out what undertone you have is simply studying your eye and hair colour. Cool tones will include brown, black and blonde hair colours, as well as blue, grey, or green eye colours.

Warm tones will lean more toward red, brown, strawberry blonde, and even black hair colours. Eye colours will include brown, and hazel.

If you?re still not sure on how to figure out your undertone, ask yourself, ?how do I tan??
Do you burn easily in the sun? Or get a littler golden with no discomfort?

If you burn easily, you?re cool toned and if you don?t well then you?re definitely warm toned, my friend.

Boom, you’re done

After all of this wonderful self reflection, you should be able to figure out your undertone which is brilliant because you?re one step away from finding your actual foundation match. Unfortunately, the foundations with the biggest, baddest selection of shades are always the most expensive.

Expensive meaning they?re going to do whatever they can to work with your skin.

I talked a lot about all the different kinds of foundation finishes, and formulas here.

This can also combine with finding your perfect foundation match, as not just the colour of your undertone matters, but your skin type plays a big role in this as well!

Some of my favourite foundation collections are the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt?r foundation (soft matte longwear). I love these because taking a glance at the huge selection makes it easy to dissect where each undertone lies; the warm and the cool.

It sounds crazy but once I figured out my undertone, I was able to walk into any makeup counter and pick up any foundation without having to test it.

Weird flex, but ok.

With knowing my undertone, I simply pick whatever foundation undertone speaks to me the loudest and use a shade slightly lighter than the back of my hand. It sounds crazy, but I honestly do think it works for finding your foundation match.

Chances are, if you know your undertone, you’re in the safe realm of shades.

Right now, I’m currently using a foundation from the Sephora collection (girl is balling on a budget out here) which I picked out by using my undertone match.

How To Find Your Foundation Shade

Now that this post is over, I’m aching because these are such first world problems.

Remember to count your blessings. Not because thanksgiving is around the corner, but because it’s always the little things that matter in your lifetime.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Xo



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