Cult Beauty Products Worth Hype – Huda Beauty edition

I’m contemplating on making “Cult Beauty Products Worth Hype” as a segment post, since there are so many cult beauty products to touch base on. But until then, we’ll keep things polished and simple.

I find nearly impossible to scroll on any social media app without seeing ‘cult products’ somewhere. It rules marketing. I feel like it’s so normal for us as consumers to observe this as it’s in front of us daily. We just don’t give it a second thought because at this point, it’s absorbed into our minds.

I’m going to be writing about what cult beauty products are honestly worth the internet hype. Are the products worth your money? Are they worth your time? Are they so much as worth it to even touch your delicate skin? Well… are my humble opinions.

Please feel free in the comments to contribute to this post after reading. If you agree, disagree, or even follow cult beauty products online and want to add to this and throw out some opinions, do so!

Uh, what are ‘cult beauty products’?

To define the term, cult products or beauty products, are contents in which people will stand by……… matter what.

This customer base will stand behind these certain products no matter the price and in most cases, no matter the controversy. The clientele is very loyal and they believe the product isn’t just a product, it’s something that goes beyond any other products standards.

If we want to define that dramatically, it creates a new outlook on their lives; a new lifestyle if you will.

Who is she?

This may sound odd, but I find it so difficult for me to explain famous people on the internet because there’s already so much content and opinions based on that one person. Not that it’s a competition, but because I feel like it’s hard to explain something about someone that’s already been surfaced so many times, I’m going to cut this description short.

Huda Kattan puts herself in the category of ‘cult beauty products worth hype’ simply because if you so much as type “Huda” into any search engine, you’re going to come out with thousands of makeup tutorials, blog posts, and video reviews about her makeup brand.

She really came from the bottom up, designing a whole brand and better yet, name for herself.

I can’t look her iconic line of lashes in Sephora and not think of the story of how she used to make each set by hand, gluing the individual hairs on the bands. Damn.

The work and dedication she put into her business with the help of her family members is truly inspiring and something that always crosses my mind when I think of success.

I also recommend you subscribe to her channel on YouTube. She’s pretty lively and funny so her tutorials are wildly entertaining. To become a business person, you have to be a people person. And that’s exactly who she is!

Huda hype.

If you type in “Huda” into Instagram, you’ll see that she has a personal account and her “Huda Beauty” account. In my opinion, this is very wise when you’re in business. Especially when you’re in the makeup game.

Having a personal account sets aside the business so you can get personal with your clientele and form relationships. This builds trust and if it’s anything I know about business, it’s that trust is very important.

Her Huda Beauty account mostly consists of delivering beautiful advertisement to her products. She also posts other peoples 60 second tutorial videos using her products as a way of promoting her brand. You go Huda.

So…… it worth it?

In my opinion, yes.

cult beauty products worth the hype

These right here are Huda Beauty’s ‘Liquid Matte Lipsticks’.?They are currently my favourite from her entire collection. Before purchasing, I remembered hearing a lot of talk about how these make your lips dry out. The key I figured out, is to not coat them.

Her formula was designed so brilliantly, you don’t have to keep re-applying. It’s fast drying and super mattifying, which I love. The finish not only has the perfect feeling of suede and matte, but it also doesn’t have a sticky effect on the lips after drying. The applicator is easy to use and guide over.

Yes, we do care about the applicator.

cult beauty products worth the hype

All prices in Canadian dollars from Sephora

  • ‘Sugar Mama’ – $26.50
  • ‘Bombshell’ – $26.50
  • ‘Trophy Wife’ – $26.50
  • Lip Contour Matte Pencil in ‘Trophy Wife’ – $25.50
  • ‘Heartbreaker’ – $26.50

cult beauty products worth the hype


As far as her Lip Contour Matte Pencil goes, I am pleased. It’s got a hydrating feel to it considering the matte finish. You might be resistant when purchasing both lip pencil and liquid lipstick together, because we always seem to want the cheapest way out. (Or at least that’s what I always feel like). But I say it’s well worth it! Your lip look will be sealed all day long and who doesn’t enjoy defined edges?

cult beauty products worth the hype

This is me wearing the shade ‘Sugar Mama’ and right now it’s my go-to out of all my liquid lipsticks. 🙂 I’m really big on nude colours because they always seem to go perfectly with any eye makeup look. Whether it be bold or subtle, nudes are a good asset. And Huda Beauty has such a wide selection of nude colours in the liquid matte lipstick line!


Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks weren’t a raging internet success before her lash line was. But when liquid matte lipsticks hit her counter in Sephora, they were nearly sold out everywhere, making her a verdict to cult beauty products worth hype!

I’d like to think a lot of this was also due to her insanely creactive packaging as well as the genuis way she advertises her latest products on social media. But the formula Huda came up with for it is undeniably phenominal. I haven’t quite found a liquid lipstick that compares.

This post only covered the section of liquid matte lipsticks and lip liners for cult beauty products worth the hype, but Huda Beauty as a whole makeup brand is 110% worth your time in my honest opinon.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave one down below.

I hope you enjoyed this post! (And potential segment).



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