Celebrity Makeup Brands – Trending and up & coming

How many celebrities are creators of their very own cosmetic brands?

The answer is too many.

Is it working for them?

For us it is.

KKW Beauty is in the 90s era.

Kim Kardashian West seems to be up to par with the biggest trends of 2019. She and her sisters hold one of the biggest celebrity makeup brands in the world. But before I get into it. We should probably talk ‘trends’.

Trends are now made up of cycles.

They get created because some wild minded person got tired of societal norms and wanted to break free, thus creating a whirl wind of style that no one has witnessed before.

That said ‘whirl wind’ gets around and people talk about it, whether they hate it or love it. It doesn’t really matter what their opinion on it is, as long as they’re talking about it, it gets attention. That same style gets tossed around and played with……and then it dies.

Fast forward to about maybe 10 or more years later, that same trend comes back in style and everyone that pretended to hate it for those 10 or more gap years are cheering.

Right now, the biggest trend that made it’s way through the cycle process is 90s theme’d makeup, and Kim K is throwing it in our faces.

is 90's makeup the newest makeup trend of this year?


I mean it’s not all that out of bound. Dark lips, thin eyebrows, pounds of eyeliner…we still do that stuff now without thinking twice, or about the past. But people like Kim Kardashian are really hitting home with some bold makeup trends this year and honestly, it’s pretty hot.

If you scroll through her Instagram, it’s currently painting the soft yet bold 90s glam aesthetic. The eyeshadow looks seem to be the target with her new collection called the “Matte & Cocoa Collection” which features 2 10 pan eyeshadow palettes, 6 lipsticks, 6 lip liners, and 5 eyeliners.

Everything you need for creating a statement sent from back in time.

Kylie Cosmetics is so money.


I mean honestly.

She couldn’t have embraced her lifestyle in any other way? Of course not. Meta.


Her newest collection offers mostly bright pink pigments with hints of green and lots of gold to target her money theme. I never truly realized how well green and pink go together. I guess all I needed was a visual. Ha.

celebrity makeup brands


The money theme is based upon her Birthday Collection which includes everything from eyeshadow, lip gloss, highlighters, and more.

I give the girl props. She never quits.

Fenty Beauty wants to hydrate you.

celebrity makeup brands

If you tried out Fenty Beauty’s wide selection of Pro Filter foundations, then you might know that it’s best to moisturize your skin before applying the product.

Rihanna advocated for a matte finish when she first designed her foundation formula. And as much as us combo & oily skin’d people were excited about it, it dries really quickly.

And if you don’t have any sort of primer or moisture layer before applying the foundation and your skin type is dry, then those flaky patches are really out there to greet the world.

Luckily, our queen is smart and educated.


She recently came out with a newer foundation called the “Pro Filter Hydrating Foundation” which targets normal and dry skin. And also displays a different type of packaging. Love that for us.



Florence by Mills welcomes younger skin.

Millie Bobby Brown couldn’t have added any more glamour to her name.

She just recently came out with a makeup brand devoted to giving younger skin types the benefit of feeling confident without harsh chemicals and the chances of breaking the skin out.

She gets it.

The number one concern now for younger people wearing makeup isn’t exactly how much they’re putting on, but how it affects the skin since it’s still developing and puberty can be a drag.

Florence advertises that it’s sulfate & paraben free, dermatologist tested, for all skin types, and cruelty-free & vegan!

Thank you, Millie!

Selena Gomez wants in on the makeup game.

Word on the street is that she’s still alive and ready to kick down some doors with not just makeup, but other beauty products such as nails, hair care, and body products, skin care, and even fragrance.

I never saw it coming, but we’re welcoming you back with open arms, Selena.?

Her brand name is called July Moon which was filed for trademark on July 11th of this year, but there’s no official word as to when she’s actually dropping products.

Seems interesting….I’ll wait.

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