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Cleaning your makeup brushes is something you’ll find either immensely satisfying, or plain tedious. For those of you who don’t like cleaning your brushes, you’ll love this product!

If you’re already someone who likes cleaning your brushes, well, you’ll find this even more satisfying to say the least.

Is it really a big deal if I don’t clean my brushes?

Ah, I remember like it was just yesterday.

My 14 year old self walked up to the cosmetics cashier of Shoppers Drug Mart with my mom and dumped 4 things of drug store makeup, including a singular makeup brush on the counter. (Clearly I had just gotten birthday money from a relative and thought I was all high and mighty).

The sales associate gave me the total of 50 something dollars from what I can recall. (50 something dollars?! For just 4 small things? Jeee. This was the part in my life where I knew I chose the wrong hobby to get into). I remember looking back at my mom in disbelief, and also knowing I would have to make the shameless effort of setting 1 out of the 4 things aside.

As I made my decision, the sales associate then continued to up sell me on brush cleaner for the one brush I had picked out. I remember literally questioning this guy out loud, “brush cleaner? To clean brushes?”. I will never forget the disgusted look on his face when he asked, “you’ve never cleaned your makeup brushes before?”.

That has stuck with me for as long as I’ve remembered it. It’s hard for me not to find humor in it, as I always make a point to clean every brush I have to this day. The repercussions of not cleaning your brushes could result to many bacteria living in and around the surfaces of your brushes (don’t forget your beauty sponges!). Putting that bacteria onto your face could result in blemishes and acne, which is critical for people who already have acne problems!

So yes, it is important to clean your brushes.

And in doing so, it’s also important to use the best makeup brush cleanser for that very purpose.

My go-to.

I’ll be honest. I used to be that person who swore by mixing olive oil and dish detergent together in a bowl and using that to clean my beauty sponges and brushes.

I figured it was the best inexpensive tactic to get the job done. And it was for the most part! But I found that dish detergent has a lot of harsh chemicals in it (since it’s literally meant to scrub harsh food residue), and if you’re using that on the tools that touch and caress your face, it’s more than likely to transfer onto your skin. To me, that doesn’t sound appealing.

It was time I made a steady improvement towards my skin. I switched to using ‘Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner’. I definitely feel guilt free.

best makeup brush cleanser

The benefits of this particular brush cleanser make it incomparable to any other.

If you’re a regular at makeup and you’re searching for a holy grail product, this one is for you. If you’re a beginner at makeup and you don’t have a lot of brushes to clean so you’re thinking twice about purchasing a product for that very purpose, this is your safest bet.

I’ve come across a lot of cheap brush cleansers in my time, but almost every single one contains harsh ingredients.?This brush cleanser actually holds the less amount of ingredients I’ve ever seen.

best makeup brush cleanser

Easy peezy.

Brush cleansers are built to make the cleaning process very simple.

I always like to wet my brush a little before spraying. I spray the brush 2 or 3 times before massaging it into the palm of my hand and then rinsing gently under lukewarm water.

Pro tip: Lukewarm temperature is your best friend. If the water is too hot, your brush hairs will fall out. If the water is too cold, you won’t be able to work the product into the brush as good.

best makeup brush cleanser

This is before I cleaned some of my brushes using the product.

best makeup brush cleanser

And this is after. 🙂 (Brushes shown are still super wet).

Since it contains grapefruit oil, it leaves a really nice sent. It’s a lot more refreshing than Dawn dish soap, lol.

It does a fantastic job at getting all kinds of dirt and oil out from the bottom to the top of each brush, leaving a squeaky clean finish.

The cheapest way to purchase this bottle is?here.

Behind the brand.

Jane Iredale is mostly sold in skincare facilities and spas. As far as I’m concerned, it isn’t spread wildly throughout beauty department stores like Sephora or Ulta Beauty.

But if you ever come across a Jane Iredale counter, I highly suggest you take time to give the products a peek. The whole brand is based off of skincare.

Every product is made to help aid in the skin while giving you a flawless finish. And one of the best parts about the products is that they aren’t made with various harmful chemicals! In fact, the brush cleanser I’m mentioning is wheat free and vegan.

From me to you.

I hope this post helps with whether you think it’s worth it for you to purchase a brush cleanser.

In my humble opinion, I think it’s the best choice you could make when adding anything to your makeup bag. If anything, it should be an essential and the ‘Jane Iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner’ is the best makeup brush cleanser out there!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave one down below! Thanks for reading!




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  1. Makayla Andrews

    This post truly opened my eyes for the better. I am a consistent user of dawn dish soap to wash my brushes as it?s cheap (and I?m a broke university student lol!). But not ONCE did I ever think about how harsh it most likely is on my brushes, and how long my brushes will last. I will definitely be taking this into consideration for the future!

  2. I smiled at your story. I am a man but I saw my daughter was cleaning her brushes . and I guess everything you used should be cleaned once in a while right. Good topic for others who mif=ght have overlooked simple things like this.
    I enjoyed it. – Megawinner

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