A Vibe Check In Quarantine

I never thought I’d find myself writing my first post this year during a pandemic, but look at us!

..who would’ve thought.

In the massive event of taking a break from blogging (and during quarantine), I’ve had several realizations about the unpredictable world of makeup and skincare.

  1. Black eyeshadow > eyeliner
  2. Eyelash extensions are a game changer
  3. Essence mascara is still underrated
  5. Skin needs a vacay

Black eyeshadow > eyeliner

If you use eyeliner frequently, you might be used to switching up the formula every once in awhile (liquid, pencil, felted pen). The eyeliner I last used (liquid) was very clumpy and ended up coating my eyelashes from the wand, which resulted in a very stiff, spider eye-look.

Since then, I tried using black eyeshadow and created soft yet bold cat eye effects. I managed to get a really sharp edge by using tape. I also tried buffing it out over the lids.

I like this transition because it’s easier on the skin when you rub it off at the end of the day.

Eyelash extensions are a game changer

I don’t have many pictures of when I got my eyelash extensions done, but I have to admit, the people out there that get refills…you are a strong bunch.

In my opinion, they do make a girl feel good. I wasn’t used to waking up in the morning and seeing a full set of lashes in the mirror. It forced me to minimize the way I did my makeup, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I also found that when they were falling out, they didn’t take my natural lashes with them which was a blessing.

The part I didn’t like though, was showering.

That…was a whole journey within itself. Not getting my lashes wet was hilarious but I find the second week in, you start getting used it to. I also struggled with the sleep aspect of it too. I usually sleep on my stomach or on either sides of my body, so not crushing them was also a challenge.

Would I get them again?

Probably….that first morning glimpse was priceless.

Essence mascara is?still?underrated

This mascara is literally $4.99.

That’s it. That’s my input.

After years of wearing anything over $25, I can honestly say “Lash Princess” it’s top tier.


In quarantine, I’ve been using Vaseline on my eyebrows and lashes nearly every night to grow them out and it’s been working wonders!?I know a few people who swore by this method forever ago, but I’m really awful at remembering to do hair growth rituals.

Since we’ve been at home, I’ve been trying SO hard to at least keep up with this and even having missed a few days, I still find that it made a difference.

Skin needs a vacay

Above it all, the biggest change that’s occurred during all of this down time is taking time off with applying makeup. It’s hard not to give in every once in awhile. But for the most part, I’m letting my face breathe and I’ve seen yet another difference already.

This is mostly because the less time you use to apply and wear makeup, the more time you spend focusing on skincare and hydrating your face. I’ve been using a lot of nourishing/hydrating face masks, face oils and facial sprays (shout out to Mario Badescu’s aloe, chamomile, and lavender spray).?

I think wearing makeup becomes such a wide routine for some of us, that we don’t think twice about applying it. But if it’s anything I’ve learned so far in quarantine, it’s that a face mask can improve your mood and make everything seem okay?(like good cup of tea).

I hope everyone out there is having a relaxing Easter weekend! 🙂



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  1. I adore your honesty! It?s refreshing to read something that truly reflects how one feels about particular products. I don?t want to say brutally honest…however, I will say compassionately honest. Love it! Keep it up 🙂

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