Emily's Makeup Tools

Thank you for ending up here!

A quick warm welcome to my developing beauty blog.

It took me far too long to get fixed on the idea of creating a blog. Not to mention what I wanted to blog about. But after a couple tedious years of quietly brainstorming and a handful of self doubt, I finally grew the balls to put together something simple, lilac coloured, and hopefully very enjoyable with fragments of my goofy self. But chances are, you don’t know me. So this blog could also be displayed as a tiny introduction to my over caffinated, italic personality.

I understand we live in a world where visuals are more intriguing than text. I often find blogs aren’t getting the recognition they deserve either. So I’m motivated to put this all together while captivating non-readers and stimulating makeup gurus and even non makeup gurus. Basically, I really hope my formulas of simplistic hacks based off of cosmetics hits a home run for you. If your grandma reads this, then I know I have reached my goal.