Eyeshadow Makeup Tips – Colour matching for eyes

I *have* tried this technique?many times and boy, does it make a difference. A small eyeshadow makeup tip goes a long way and you’re about to find out why.

Short disclaimer: I want to mention that I don’t believe this is the only way to make your eyes look good. Adding any form of eyeshadow is going to make a statement. I just think matching your eye colour to specific tones is a fun way to try out what could work best for you!

The eyes Chico, they never lie.

So 8/10 times the eyes are the first thing that one notices at first glance. What’s the harm in emphasizing that structure more with eyeshadow? Absolutely none.

The best part about playing up this feature is that everyone’s got a unique set. I think one of the most interesting things to think about when it comes to the human body is that literally everyone’s eye colour in the world is different.

Sure, a lot of us share the same colour, but it’s not entirely the same pigment which makes using some eyeshadow makeup tips really enjoyable.

If you look closely into your iris, you notice those crazy small squiggly lines that hold all the colour. The perimeter of the iris tends to be darker than the inside. Closer to the pupil, you might see that the colour shifts slightly brighter or darker. Or maybe the colour of your iris is strictly the same.

My point is, we each individually own a unique set of eyes. And there’s no loss in complimenting that wonderful feature!

Pick a colour, any colour.

I’m going to get into what shade of eyeshadow suits your eye colour the best. In which case, I’m going to refer to the colour wheel chart.

– wemakeupto.com

The complimentary colours are opposite of the initial colour you’re running with in terms of your eyeshadow.


  • Blue eyes: Dark and warm tones suits blue eyes the best! The darker the pigment, the more contrast becomes visible. I have blue eyes myself so I like to use a sun burnt orange colour as well as browns and even a dark burgundy. Adding a winged eyeliner and liner to the lash line helps with this too!
  • Green eyes: The most common mistake with this eye colour is using more green. It won’t quite accentuate your eyes as much as you’d think. It sounds bizarre, but adding purple?and other complimentary colours like burgundy will make your eyes appear greener.
  • Brown eyes: If this is you, you’re a lucky one. You basically have the most versatile eye colour, meaning you can play around with any eyeshadow colour you wish to! Go crrrrrrrazy. (Although I do recommend using shimmer’y colours!)
  • Hazel eyes: Cold hues are going to really make your eyes POP. Using dark blues, light blues, and even some purple (to bring out that small green tone in the eye) are really going to help hazel stand out since you’re working with a hybrid based eye colour.
  • Grey eyes: I feel like this is such a slept on eye colour so there aren’t many explanations as to what eyeshadow goes best with this. Mainly because it’s fairly rare. Grey comes from a blue pigment, but looks very washed out. So the best colours to work with are darker hues of blue!

All that glitters is gold.

So keeping the colour wheel trick in mind, I also wanted to lightly explain the importance of adding shimmer and/or glitter to your eye makeup look.

Shimmer is found in a lot of makeup eyeshadow palettes. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, chances are you’re going to find it enjoyable to splurge on a specific singular eyeshadow, especially if you like building your own?palettes. (You can build your own eyeshadow palettes using ABH too).

But there’s always that glistening gem when you open up a palette with multiple shades. I love using ABH because there’s a good ratio of shimmer to matte pigments in most of the palettes.

You can purchase the ABH?Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette here.

I find using shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes is a quick yet simple trick that?really adds definition to your eye shape and totally makes your eye colour pop! The best thing about this is that not much product is needed for this to occur, and it works for every eye colour in my opinion.

Glitter on the other hand works differently, but still holds the same concept.

By still following the colour wheel chart technique and using the best colour that suits your eyes, you can always bump it up a level and use glitter to go along with it. I recommend using a neutral coloured glitter like a super soft champagne’y colour, as it will compliment most eyeshadow colours, and in result, compliment your eye colour!

As you can see, I used a transitional shade underneath a champagne’y glitter.

The differences between the two.

If you’re just starting out in makeup or you’re not really big on being ‘bold’ with eye makeup, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between glitter and shimmer.

I mean, yes. They *are*?pretty much the same thing in the context of makeup aesthetics. But glitter contains literal pieces of sparkles, giving you the appearance of a ‘gleam’ effect.

Shimmer on the other hand, has a more?tremulous gleam effect, making it more faint and soft compared to a glittery eye.

I like to think that glitter has a thicker consistency and shimmer more so thin.

Rolling our eyes back to my point.

So the point of my post today is that there’s a little method to making your eyes a bolder statement with a some eyeshadow makeup tips. And the easiest part about it is getting to know your eye colour better with a diagram.

The more you learn about your individual features, the easier it becomes to explore makeup.

Nonetheless, it also becomes more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading!



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2 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Makeup Tips – Colour matching for eyes”

  1. Emily, thanks for your information here. Before that I don’t even know the differences between shimmer and glitter. I have dark brown eyes (an Asian). These days pink and orange are popular eye shadow colours. If my eyes are a bit swelled, what colours should I choose? I usually use shimmer at the corner of my eyes, are they not suitable for my eyes?

    1. I’m happy this article made a difference in understanding 🙂 Brown is the easiest to play with because it’s so versatile. Especially dark brown!
      I recommend anything from orange to pink and even purple! The world is your playground. And also shimmer is very suitable!

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