Best Makeup Brush Brands – Makeup tool essentials

If you think twice about what goes on your face, you’re probably going to care about what tools are used to apply your makeup with. This is why explaining the best makeup brush brands could be critical for you and your everyday needs!

Why are brushes slept on?

For some people (including myself), I tend to put all my excitement into splurging my money on makeup more so than the brushes I use.

Why, you might ask?

I really couldn’t tell you the truth. The brushes we use to apply our makeup with are literally just as important as the makeup itself. I find that makeup is advertised a lot more in the cosmetic industry.

As consumers, we tend to fantasize about whatever is being given to us on a silver platter. (Aka, a glamorous advertisement through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat’s homepage!)

But in reality, the makeup that we hold accountable for making our faces look captivating, really wouldn’t do the trick if it wasn’t for the accuracy that the brushes give us.

Of course, there isn’t anything wrong with using your finger. Using your finger for makeup has never been more glamorized and talked about as it is now. In some cases, it actually works. But it really depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re really looking for precision, you’re going to want to use brushes.

And that being said, you’re going to want the best makeup brush brands. Which luckily for you, are not always pricey!

A ‘creature of habit’ recommendation.

I’m going to very real with you. I have not tried Morphe brushes before. PERIOD.

Only ever have I heard good things about the brand, but me being the person I am and sticking to what I’ve discovered, I use my Sephora brushes for my eyeshadow needs.

I have been using these brushes for years and I have no complaints (other than the black paint chipping off from the bottom of the brush because it’s just that old).

Sephora makeup brushes

Nowadays, I’m quick to read reviews about something before I’m even considering buying the product.

Back then (probably about 5 years ago), I did not read any reviews on any brushes I had purchased. In fact, my naive method of choosing which brush to buy depended on whatever brush looked the prettiest. My oh my, have my outlooks changed. Thank God.

Sephora makeup brushes


From left to right

Beauty Magnet Crease Brush: A cute travel sized crease brush that does feel extremely soft on the skin but also does a great job at feathering out harsh lines. This goes for $16 at Sephora.

#13 PRO Packing Shadow brush: A flat brush designed for accurately packing on shadow without fallout. This brush doesn’t show up on the Sephora website for some reason, but I definitely bought it somewhere between $20-25. It’s the only packing brush I own and honestly the only packing brush I need.

#27 PRO Blending brush: A brush that actually goes above the standard blending brush expectations. I tend to use it for my crease sometimes, but like any blending tool, this keeps shades smooth and your colour pigmented. This goes for $29.

#31 PRO Smokey Crease brush: (Referring to earlier about chipping black paint), this brush as you can see, is the oldest out of this set. This is used for crease blending and given the name, ideal for a smokey eye. I have never had a brush that works better for a smokey brushed out look. Well worth the $25.

Another thing I like about the Sephora brush collection is that they’re very versatile when it comes to technique. Meaning they’re both well-equipped for beginner use and professional use.

All things Morphe.

I’m definitely infatuated with the hype revolving around Morphe brushes and I’m so willing to try them. (I’ll totally get back to you on them once I have).

These makeup artist approved *and* high quality brush sets have people raving about them on social media! What makes them even more iconic is the simple fact that they’re so affordable.

best makeup brush brands

I remember walking into Morhpe for the first time and my jaw almost dropped looking at the prices of basically everything.

Looking over brushes as cheap as $4?and still high quality and aesthetically pleasing? In this economy? It’s really hard to compare how useful a makeup brush can be when the prices are so good. But not only are these tools budget friendly, they’re made with love.

Sometime’s when you buy an eyeshadow palette, a makeup brush will be packed inside as well. You’re getting pricey eyeshadow with the help of a small brush. Seems like a great value, right? Wrong. I can vouch for this completely.

About 9/10, every little eyeshadow brush I found in my newly bought palette gets tossed to the side due to its harsh feeling bristles. It’s 2019, we want soft. They’re usually double-sided too, so you *think* you’re getting your moneys worth, but I always find these brushes aren’t crafted the greatest and the initial price of this eye shadow palette incorporates the brush as well.

My point with all this is, you could be getting a beautifully made?Morphe brush bought with any eyeshadow palette separately but for a cheaper price all together. Must I go on any further?

best makeup brush brands

Top Picks.

This is a little list of some glorious Morphe brushes I was previously discussing. (All Canadian pricing).

  • Black and White 12 Piece Travel Set – This sleek set runs for $34! Almost all of these synthetic and natural mixture of brushes are 6 and a half inches!
  • M104 Angled Brush – This 8 inch natural brush runs at $7 and is used for contouring (and/or highlighting)!
  • E49 – Flat Pointed Powder Brush – This is a synthetic bristled 8 inch brush that’s priced at $13.50! Super versatile and sleek. It’s a yes from me.
  • M531 – Pointed Pro Blending – A natural, fluffy bristled brush that’s priced at $9.50. Um, okay wow. A blending brush you say? We love a budget appropriate blending brush.
  • M530 – Contour Blender Brush – You can cop this natural angled brush at $13.50. It’s 7 whole inches of loveliness. 
  • M170-8 – Oval Lip Brush – This brush is $4? Excuse me? It’s synthetic and honestly worth your time.

The Verdict.

So according to me, Sephora and Morphe carry the best makeup brush brands. (This post couldn’t be more opinionated).

You may or may not be wondering, ‘if she doesn’t use Morphe and only talked about Sephora, is that the only brand of brushes she uses?’. Why, yes it certainly is, hunny. Blame it on my beginner stages of makeup, I stuck with Sephora branded brushes since the beginning of my makeup journey and I can sit here and honestly tell you that they work magic. Or paint magic I should say.

But I’ve only ever heard positive things about Morphe and given their wide range of brush selection; lips, eyes, concealer, contour, brows, bronzer, blush, powder, foundation, highlighter, etc, you really can’t go wrong.

I hope this post finds you great success in your future makeup brush shopping endeavors.




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4 thoughts on “Best Makeup Brush Brands – Makeup tool essentials”

  1. I can totally relate to this post! I am also tempted by beautiful looking cosmetics and brushes. I mean.. I really feel happy every time I look at them and this makes me feel like using them more! A lot of times I was so attractive to the pretty designs that quality does not matter to me anymore! I have also only tried sephora brushes, reason being, they are from SEPHORA and I am already used to these brushes! I have ever thought of changing to another brand but I really hate the process of trying out again and again should I not be able to find a suitable brand. I might give morphe brushes a try since someone has already tried them and is happy with them! Most importantly, they are more economical!

    1. I think trying out Morphe would be very worth it and most of all, easy going on your bank account 🙂

      As soon as I buy a few, I’ll get right onto my reviews. Thank you so much for your comment, Lynn!

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